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About NunaMinerals

NunaMinerals is an exploration company active in Greenland, currently holding 7 exploration licences covering approximately 1815 km2. The company is widely regarded as the premier gold explorer in Greenland, but holds a diverse exploration portfolio incorporating precious, base and critical metals as well as diamonds.


The company is listed on NASDAQ OMX Copenhagen A/S under the symbol “NUNA” (Reuters code: NUNA.CO; Bloomberg code: NUNA:DC).


The objective of NunaMinerals is to develop and utilize Greenland’s natural mineral resources on a commercial basis. The success criterion of the Company is to create value for its shareholders.


NunaMinerals’ exploration is aimed at developing projects with a view to building a profitable business with income from co-ownerships of mines, royalties from mining operations and sales of projects. The Company’s work has in the recent years resulted in, amongst other things, the discovery, development and start-up of Greenland’s first gold mine (the Nalunaq Gold Mine), which now have been sold.


With its key employees and knowledge databases, NunaMinerals possesses extensive expertise in exploration and in-depth knowledge of Greenland’s geological history and exploration, relevant exploration methods, and logistic conditions in Greenland.


In practice, the NunaMinerals exploration process is a series of progressive phases in which advancement from one phase to the next is conditional on continued verification of a positive assessment of the commercial potential of the mineralization after deduction of likely exploration costs.


NunaMinerals operates with the following three-phase model:

Phase 1

Phase 2

Phase 3

Grassroot phase 

Drilling phase 

Resource phase


In 2015, the Company do not expect to conduct any exploration on its own.