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Our strategy

The object of NunaMinerals is to develop and utilise Greenland's natural mineral resources on a commercial basis. The success criterion of the company is to create value for its shareholders by identifying and developing exploration projects with a view to building a profitable business with income from co-ownership of mines, royalties from mining operations and sales of projects. NunaMinerals divides projects into core projects and non-core projects. Core projects generally include gold prospects, the field in which the company possesses the most know-how. Other projects will generally be categorised as non-gold projects.

NunaMinerals operates with a business model for core projects in which the company itself identifies projects and handles the initial phases of development before seeking to identify business partners with whom to pursue further development in subsequent phases. For non-core projects, the company seeks to set up partnerships at earlier stages of exploration.

The company mainly wishes to contract with partners who have documented knowledge of feasibility studies and establishing mining operations. Through collaboration with such partners, NunaMinerals endeavours to acquire competencies that in the longer term will allow the company to perform mining itself. The company currently possesses sufficient competencies to complete the resource phase.